Equestrian Exercises


Clear Aids for Better Upward CANTER Transitions

Coordination & Control

How do you ask your horse to canter? Here is an easy way to practice your canter transitions at home. Start in riding posture with your elbows at your sides, hands on your thighs, feet on the floor, and seat bones and poll engaged. Keep your torso upright and reach for the sky. You’ll ask starting with your pelvis. Load your left seat bone (to ask for the left lead) and scoop your pelvis down and forward. Be sure to maintain contact with your outside (right) seat bone, while scooping. Pay attention to the rest of your body too – don’t get stiff or disengage your poll. Keep practicing off the horse for smooth, coordinating movements that will give you harmonious upward canter transitions during your ride. 

Enjoy this week’s video below:

Smooth, Coordinated Aids for Better Upward Canter Transitions

Happy Riding!


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Hi! I’m Tonya. I’m a Physical Therapist, human and equine functional anatomy expert, business owner, and horsewoman. I have a passion for horses, and in my younger years, the barn became a haven to escape the pressures of the outside world.

A path to becoming a veterinarian to work with horses evolved into a desire to connect human movement to people’s relationships with their horses. I ultimately chose physical therapy to help riders see themselves as athletes and show them how to be the best athletes for their horses.

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I own and run Centaur Physical Therapy.

Every week, I will share a Thursday Tip…

which will be an easy exercise for equestrian riders to practice almost anywhere and anytime. These exercises will help improve your strength and mobility as an equestrian.

Join us next week for another easy exercise you can do at home, the barn, or anywhere you are comfortable!

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As an equestrian rider, it can be hard to find exercises that we can practice off the horse that will help our strength in the saddle. I’ve put together a series of seven steps you can take to improve your balance, body awareness, and posture in the saddle. Check it out!


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