Move Better – Ride Better

Easy Everyday Movement Lessons That Transform Your Rides From So-So To The Rides Dreams Are Made Of.

At Move Like A Rider, we know you want to create those blissful moments with your horse when your thoughts and breath become one one action.

In order to do that, you need to communicate clearly and accurately with your horse so that you can confidently and safely gallop through the fields, over fences, or ride a test of precision movements.

You’ll learn to …

Identify movement patterns that negatively affect your ability as a rider and your horse’s understanding to respond correctly.

Create new movement patterns through rider-specific exercises that provide more stability and control of your body in the saddle.

Embody the Move Like A Rider program as part of your everyday routine to feel stronger, more confident, and capable no matter what discipline you ride.

“I believe all riders of any level or discipline can become more confident and skilled in the saddle through my Move Like A Rider program.”

Learn the Move Like A Rider Approach that Improves
the Way You Ride and Your Horse Will Thank You.


Feel more secure and capable in the saddle and safe to ride your horse alone and in-between lessons.


Know that your body is in balance and aligned so that your horse understands your aids and responds correctly – building trust with every ride.


Experience riding with greater understanding and newfound potential with the possibilities to progress your riding to the next level or even try new disciplines.


Enjoy the rewarding relationship you’re developing with your horse by communicating clearly and accurately in harmony.

Being a great rider doesn’t happen overnight, in the blink of an eye, or with the nod of a genie’s head.

You want to be the best rider you can be and have effortless rides with your horse, but you feel like …

No matter how hard you try or how often you ride, your instructor keeps telling you the same things over and over again –

  • Don’t lean left - or right
  • Look where you’re going
  • Don’t stick your head out
  • Your shoulder is too high/your collapsing your side

Even when you feel like you’re doing it right, you hear the same things!

You and your horse don’t speak the same language - you say right lead, he picks up left, even when you know he knows his leads.`

You must be doing something wrong, right? The way he tosses his head around and avoids contact or sticks his head in the air and inverts his back when you ask for transitions.

The trot is so choppy, you’ve given up even trying to sit and the canter isn’t much easier.

Why is he ALWAYS behind your leg? It’s like he’s totally ignoring you. How many times do you have to kick to get a response?

He’s like turning a semi-truck! In one direction it’s not too bad, but the other, well, you better start turning early!

Your saddle is secure and yet, you feel so out of balance – like you’ll roll off with any unexpected move. It’s scary!

Why does every ride require NSAIDs and an epsom salt bath just to move the next day?

You’re never going to make any real progress and it’s just so frustrating that you keep laying awake at night wondering if you should just quit!

YOUR Body Holds the Key.

Easy Exercises You Can Do Anywhere -
even driving your car - To Become a Better Rider!

As an equestrian, you work hard to be a good rider who has a strong bond with your horse – you seek qualified instructors, bodyworkers, saddle fitters, veterinarians, and farriers – all so you can both perform your best.

But when things aren't going like you planned and your rides are mediocre at best, where do you turn? Your community of professionals aren’t finding any new answers and you’ve come to the realization that maybe it’s not your horse – maybe your horse is reacting to YOU.

Most riders aren’t fully aware of what their body is doing when they ride. You may be sending mixed signals to your horse that he’s having having a hard time figuring out.

Move Like A Rider explains RIDER motor patterns, as well as giving you a way to assess your own individual movements and how they can affect your horse.

You can do simple exercises throughout your day to fix your broken motor patterns and ultimately, you’ll be a good functional rider with a happy, willing horse!

I can lead you on your journey to better movement and better rides.

I’m Tonya Olson and as an equestrian and doctor of physical therapy, I have been working with riders for more than 15 years. Initially I saw them individually at my office and then later during clinics.

As riders, there are a number of similarities we share – or issues that occur in the saddle by poor movement patterns – no matter what type of riding you do.

Many of my clients spend more time at a desk than in the barn, which can lead to tight hip flexors, lack of core strength, and poor poll engagement. This is just one example of how our modern lifestyle can affect your riding.

It’s my mission to help riders become more aware of these poor movement patterns and show them ways to correct them in their everyday lives. Ultimately, better body awareness and improved movement patterns create better riders, better rides, and much happier horses.

Here’s How The Move Like A Rider Program Works!

  • Become Aware – Learn how to assess good and bad movement patterns
  • Identify – Determine your poor movement patterns that need to be corrected
  • Develop – Master new rider-specific exercises that will create new movement patterns
  • Practice – Make your new exercises a routine part of every day - on and off your horse
  • Assess – Your awareness of incorrect patterns will enable you to fix your position yourself
  • Celebrate! More stability, balance, and confidence in your riding ability and better communication with your horse

Knowledge & Education

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a human and equine functional anatomy expert, I understand not only your movements, but your horse’s too. You have a unique opportunity to learn to move better, but also how your movements affect your horse.


Move Like A Rider programs have been designed to the specific needs of riders. While most equestrians have similar issues in the saddle, the programs allows you to assess your own individual needs.

Road Map

Each program follows a logical, easy-to-follow format to give you a greater understanding of how each area of your body (seatbones, arms, legs, hands, neck) works in coordination as you ride.


An active online group of riders just like you is online anytime you need some encouragement, answers, or to celebrate your success.

I’m finally closer to being the rider I want to be and completely pain free!

Brianna Cussano - Doctoral Student, Re-rider

I decided to get back to riding to get fitter, but I was so out of shape. I couldn't move, I couldn't post, I was so unbalanced. I was in so much pain, every ride. I wasn't getting anywhere. I’d be up in the middle of the night and I’d be anxiety ridden.

And I got to a point where I just felt like something had to change.

I reached out to Tonya and she went through a full evaluation both on and off the horse. She created a plan just for me, gave me homework, and explained the mechanics of the movements, and the why’s.

I’m finally much closer to being the rider that I want to be. Not only am I riding completely pain free, I can walk, trot, canter, jump … all these things that seemed literally impossible.

Move Like A Rider Exercises Have Improved Riding Problems I Didn’t Even Know I Had!

Erica Lacher, DV

Tonya opened my eyes to problems I didn't even know existed, like I ride with my right hip two inches behind my left hip. That's why I have trouble turning left. The horses try and tell us, but we don't always understand. Every horse I've ever ridden has trouble turning left.