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Find The Capable Rider Within YOU

...without fancy equipment, going to the gym, or even riding more!

Do you find yourself struggling with. . .

• Sitting the trot
• Balance in the saddle
• Soreness and pain after you ride
• An effective and quiet lower leg

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Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your riding and the frustration is building as you take what feels like 1, then 5, then 10 steps backwards?

You don’t even know what it’s supposed to “feel” like any more, or how the communication between you and your horse has become so muddled.  

You’ve examined everything that could be impacting your horse – saddle fit, soreness, shoeing.  You’ve paid for more lessons, been diligent about going to the gym, and even tried yoga, but despite it all, the frustration has led to a total disconnect between you and your horse. 

You’re questioning your ability to ride, and how and if you can move forward.

While riding, we place so much of our attention on our horse.
Is he supple? Is he stiff? Is he balanced? Is he tracking forward?

We rarely give ourselves that same level of attention and take the time to notice our own movement patterns.

What if I were to tell you that it has just as much to do with you as it does your horse, and how you move in relation to each other.  Poor posture, a swinging lower leg, and soreness and pain are just symptoms of incorrect and unbalanced biomechanical movements in our bodies.

Have you ever paused to examine why you feel unbalanced?

With a small shift of attention, we can dramatically improve our
own body awareness through simple and effective exercises
that don’t require a gym membership, fancy equipment or riding 10 horses a day!

What you’ll take away from the
 “Move Like a Rider” mini-course: 

Learn what your established motor patterns are

Discover what seat bone you favor

Find out how to unlock and connect your topline

A baseline overview of what is really happening when you sit on a dynamic surface

You can be a solid and effective rider, just like you are in other aspects of your life, or you can continue to be frustrated with your horse and your progress. 

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This mini course is a sneak peek into my upcoming course, Move Like a Rider - Stay tuned.

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Tonya is amazing! She opened my eyes to the source of my riding problems, ones that I didn't even know existed. With small tweaks and exercises, she made a huge difference in my ability to impact my horse's movements. You think you know where your body is and what it’s doing, but most of us really don’t.

Tonya gave me exercises to do on and off the horse. These targeted exercises gave me the ability to practice and strengthen my weaknesses even when it’s raining, dark out, or I just have 5 minutes. This has made a huge difference and allowed me to make progress even though I don’t ride for a living.

My horse is so happy I know Tonya! She has made me better at doing self check-in’s when things don’t seem to be going right. Now when my horse doesn’t feel even or is diving to one side, I think, “ok, where am I crooked?”

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Florida, USA

In my new online course, "Move Like A Rider," you will learn exercises and tools you can use both at home and on your horse to increase your body awareness, uncover uneven weight distribution, improve balance and posture, and learn to reprogram old and unhealthy movement patterns that we didn’t even know we had. 

The Result?

You will become a more confident, competent rider, able to effectively use your body in a well coordinated way to communicate with your horse.  As a stable and balanced rider you will be able to more positively influence your horse, and your horse will thank you! 

When I first started riding again as an adult, my body was so out of shape and unbalanced.  I had bruises on my legs and felt pain after every ride. 

I got to the point where I thought, something has to change.

I reached out to Tonya and during our first appointment she went through a full evaluation both on and off the horse, and listened to my story.  She created a plan just for me, gave me homework, and explained the mechanics of the movements and the why’s

Raving Client

Florida, USA

Start making progress today and jump into our sneak peek mini-course for 
“Move Like a Rider!”

What you’ll get in the “Move Like a Rider” mini-course: 

7 introductory videos to movement patterns

Increased body awareness

Simple and quick exercises you can do at home along with “how to” guides

Today, I am much closer to being the rider I want to be. I ride pain free and feel strong and able to do things that seemed impossible before.  Tonya was there for me and I don’t think I’d be riding today if it weren’t for her support.

Raving Client

Florida, USA

Enroll in this FREE course!

This mini course is a sneak peek into my upcoming course, Move Like a Rider - Stay tuned.

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Meet Dr. Tonya

Dr. Tonya Olson is a Physical Therapist, human and equine functional anatomy expert, business owner, and horsewoman. She had a passion for horses, and in her younger years, the barn became a haven to escape the pressures of the outside world.

A path to becoming a veterinarian to work with horses evolved into a desire to connect human movement to people's relationships with their horses. She ultimately chose physical therapy to help riders see themselves as athletes and show them how to be the best athletes for their horses.

You can find her in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she owns and runs Centaur Physical Therapy.