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Use Your Torso and Seat Bones for Better Turns

Body Awareness & Control

Make your next drive out to the barn more productive by improving your riding. What happens when you turn your car left? Chances are your seatbones become unequal and you load or weight your right one. If you were sitting on your horse, you would actually be loading your outside seat bone while asking for your horse to turn to the left. Now, try again. Sit tall and turn your car with your torso (in the car, it may be easier to think of keeping your torso engaged while you steer). Try this exercise in a chair, you’ll get the most feedback from one on wheels, and make sure you turn using your torso. You’ll notice some differences when you turn using the center of your body – primarily that you’re loading your seat bones more equally with a slight bit more weight in your inside seat bone. Which way do you think creates a clear aid for your horse to follow? Start using your time in the car to your advantage and turn with your torso. See what a difference it will make in your ride!

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Better Body Awareness for Better Turns



Happy Riding!


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Hi! I’m Tonya. I’m a Physical Therapist, human and equine functional anatomy expert, business owner, and horsewoman. I have a passion for horses, and in my younger years, the barn became a haven to escape the pressures of the outside world.

A path to becoming a veterinarian to work with horses evolved into a desire to connect human movement to people’s relationships with their horses. I ultimately chose physical therapy to help riders see themselves as athletes and show them how to be the best athletes for their horses.

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, where I own and run Centaur Physical Therapy.

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which will be an easy exercise for equestrian riders to practice almost anywhere and anytime. These exercises will help improve your strength and mobility as an equestrian.

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As an equestrian rider, it can be hard to find exercises that we can practice off the horse that will help our strength in the saddle. I’ve put together a series of seven steps you can take to improve your balance, body awareness, and posture in the saddle. Check it out!


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