Equestrian Exercises


Simple Seated Stretch for Neck and Shoulders

Relaxation & Release

Use this simple stretch to find and relieve tension in your neck and shoulders. Gently use your right hand to tilt your head, bringing your right ear towards your right shoulder. You can increase the stretch along the whole left side of your body by placing your left hand, palm up, under your left seat bone. With simple variations, you will feel different sets of muscles release; keeping your head tilted, first point your chin up towards the ceiling, then down towards the floor. Experiment to pinpoint the spots where you have the most resistance, and gently hold for 30 seconds or so. Adding a smile really does increase the benefit of this exercise by waking up new muscles! Repeat on the other side. Doesn’t this exercise make you imagine how good stretching and mobilizing the neck and poll must feel for a hard-working horse? Coming to your horse with your own poll, neck, and shoulders relaxed is a game-changer! This is also a great exercise to do sitting right at your desk if you work at a computer most of the day.

Enjoy this week’s video below:

Simple Seated Stretch for Neck and Shoulders

Happy Riding!


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which will be an easy exercise for equestrian riders to practice almost anywhere and anytime. These exercises will help improve your strength and mobility as an equestrian.

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