Rider-specific fitness instruction and education in the comfort of your living room.

Become a Better Rider Every Day - Without
Your Horse or Gym Equipment!

Move Like A Rider is designed to improve your overall fitness, balance, strength, and coordination in the saddle by helping you assess and correct your individual motor patterns and weaknesses.

Suitable for all fitness and riding levels or disciplines, these exercises can be easily worked into your everyday routine since they can be done nearly anywhere without expensive equipment. You won't even need your horse!

We'll teach you the skills you need to fix what isn't working and maintain correct movement so that you can enjoy the rides you've only dreamed of.

Move Like A Rider

8-week course with video guidance and online support

Let's Make Your Next Ride Your BEST Ride With Move Like A Rider A prove, step-by-step training program specifically designed for riders. DOn't lose precious saddle time to bad rides clouded by confusion, pain, and discomfort - for you or your horse. Honestly, we don't event want you to have those less-than-stellar rides because your horse is confused about which lead you're asking for because your body is telling him definitely LEFT, when you meant right.

All mobile videos are in an easy-to-follow format:

  • a mounted rider BEFORE assessment
  • an off-the-horse assessment that you can follow at home
  • a motor pattern fix for you to replicate throughout your day
  • an AFTER example in the saddle


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Think Like A Rider - In the Arena Audio
Think Like A Rider - On the Trail Audio

Oh my gosh so I did your seat one module and no kidding I had the BEST most even ride ever!!


Mini Course

A free sampling of the Move Like A Rider technique, which includes 7 short videos and a “how to” guide.

You’ll get an introduction into  …

  •  Motor patterns
  • Body awareness
  • Simple exercises that will improve your ride

I ride and sometimes go to the gym, isn’t that enough?

Most riders aren’t aware that poor motor patterns have affected their riding. Riding more or even different horses, won’t correct your movement. 

And while going to the gym will make you stronger, fitness programs are not designed for the specific needs of riders… and they certainly don’t understand how YOUR movement affects your horse! 

Going to the gym every single day won’t make you a better rider. That’s because riding isn’t just about strength, it requires muscle coordination and synergy in order to move in harmony with the horses’ movements.

I’m already so busy, how would I find the time?

One of the best things about these courses is that they are meant to incorporate into your daily life. They don’t require equipment and the videos are short and easy-to-understand. They can be done nearly anywhere too, so you can fit them in when time allows.

What if I pay for a course and don’t see results?

If you take a Move Like A Rider course, we want you to experience better balance, stability, and alignment in your riding. If you don’t, even after the assessment and exercises, we will refund your purchase. 

We’re offering a full 30-day guarantee because we want you to be convinced that YOU CAN DO THIS.