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Unleash Your Riding Potential: The Ultimate Blueprint to Unlocking Perfect Harmony with Your Horse

With this powerful training program, you'll learn the secrets to communicating effortlessly with your equine companion, establishing a responsive partnership that will make every ride feel like a dream come true.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner rider, this step-by-step blueprint will teach you how to ride every movement in perfect unison with your horse, creating a harmonious, happy relationship that you'll cherish for years to come. So what are you waiting for? 

Start your journey to unlocking your riding potential today! 

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Are you tired of struggling through every ride with your horse?

  • You ask for a right lead, but your equine buddy insists on the left. And don't even get me started on those choppy trots and awkward canters - it's like riding a pogo stick!
  • He’s like turning a semi-truck! In one direction it’s not too bad, but the other, well, you better start turning early!
  • He is ALWAYS behind your leg. It’s like he’s totally ignoring you. Ugh. How many times do you have to kick to get a response?
  • There are times you feel so out of balance in the saddle that you’re surprised you didn’t fall off!

Let’s Make Your Next Ride Your BEST Ride
With My New Course

Move Like A Rider

Fear not, my friend! With Move Like a Rider, you'll be galloping towards harmony and balance in no time. My proven, step-by-step program is specifically designed for riders of all shapes and sizes, whether you're into dressage, western, jumping, or just good old pleasure riding.

Don't let bad rides ruin your day - let's make every ride your best ride yet! Our course is chock-full of helpful tips and tricks to help you communicate clearly with your horse and achieve perfect balance and harmony in the saddle.

Special offer! Access Move Like a Rider When You Sign Up Today!

Wanna ride like a boss? Of course you do! But if you're feeling stuck and frustrated with your progress, we've got the solution.

Let's face it, getting the perfect ride is like chasing a unicorn - elusive and rare. You've tried everything, from trainers to vets, but your horse just isn't cooperating.

That's where Move Like A Rider comes in.

With Move Like A Rider You Will:

  • Create balance and stability with even seat bones for clear communication with your horse
  • Create trust, balance, and harmony with your horse as you develop new motor patterns through the exercises.
  • Learn to activate YOUR topline to create consistent energy in your horse
  • Be confident in your ride alone or between lessonsknowing that your motor patterns are correct, and if they aren’t, you know how to fix them!
  • Learn to carry your arms and create consistent contact with your horse
  • Learn to utilize your ribcage to connect the rest of your body to your horse
Move Like A Rider Exercises Have Improved Riding Problems I Didn’t Even Know I Had!

“Tonya opened my eyes to problems I didn't even know existed, like I ride with my right hip two inches behind my left hip. That's why I have trouble turning left. The horses try and tell us, but we don't always understand. Every horse I've ever ridden has trouble turning left.

Her knowledge base goes to the root of the problem.. She gave me exercises not only on my horse, but I got great exercises that I can do when I'm not riding. 

Targeted exercises where I can strengthen my weaknesses – when it's dark out or when it's raining or when I have five minutes to do it. That is huge for me and has really allowed me to make progress. My horse is so happy that I know Tonya.”

Erica Lacher, DVM

Join the Move Like A Rider program today and experience truly magical rides where you and your horse are in complete harmony.

Easy to follow video format:

  • a mounted rider BEFORE assessment
  • an off-the-horse assessment that you can follow at home
  • a motor pattern fix for you to replicate throughout your day
  • an AFTER example in the saddle

So...What’s Inside Move Like A Rider?

Inside, you'll find four exciting modules packed with tips and tricks to take your riding to the next level. From creating balance and stability with equal seatbones to utilizing your neck and rib cage for better communication, we've got you covered.

Module 1: Create Balance and Stability with Equal Seatbones

Learn to make sure your seat bones are equally weighted, so you can communicate with your horse like a pro.

Module 2: Engage Your Neck to Activate Your Topline

You'll learn how to engage your neck to activate your topline, creating consistent energy to your horse. With actionable steps to help you engage your topline, you'll be on your way to self-carriage and harmony with your horse.

Module 3: Optimize Your Ribcage for Connection Throughout Your Body

If you struggle with turning, tilting your horse's head, or losing his topline, this module is for you. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to have more straightness, control, and harmony with your horse.

Module 4: Utilize Better Arm Position for Softer Engagement

Say goodbye to a horse who fights the bit or loses connection - with the right arm position, you'll be able to restore the connection for perfect harmony.

Module 5: Improve Hand Tension for Better Contact with Your Horse’s Mouth.

No more shaking heads, fighting the bit, or losing self-carriage. You'll learn how to hold your hands with the natural tension to enable elastic communication with your horse's mouth. Say goodbye to those white-knuckled reins and hello to a soft, steady connection!

Module 6: Apply Better Breathing Patterns for Accurate Aids.

Did you know that breathing the "right" way can make you a more effective rider? You'll learn how to breathe in a way that engages the rest of your position and coordinates with your other aids for crisp, accurate responses from your horse. Get ready to create a more accurate, effective ride!

Module 7: Optimize Your Hips for Better Engagement and Security in the Saddle.

No more bouncing around like a sack of potatoes! You'll learn proper hip angle, engaging your seatbones to place your hips in the right position, and how to sit around and into your horse to create more security. Say goodbye to a shaky seat and hello to better communication and harmony between you and your horse!

Module 8: Activate Your Lower Legs and Calves Properly for a Smoother, More Active Ride.

No more sluggish horses or unclear flying changes! You'll learn how to use your lower leg properly and coordinate with your hips and seatbones to improve communication with your horse. Get ready for a more forward horse, crisper responses, and steady engagement in your ride.

PLUS, with each module, you'll receive a printable PDF checklist to take with you to the barn!

It's time to take control of your riding and achieve the ride of your dreams.

But wait, there's more!

When you sign up for Move Like A Rider, you'll also get the Think Like A Rider Audio Series AND the Trail Edition.

These downloadable audio series will guide you through a mindfulness meditation that will help you get in touch with your body and your horse, and help you start enjoying rides filled with moments of effortless communication.


BONUS 1: Think Like A Rider
Audio Series

Take Tonya with you for a better ride!

  • Downloadable Audio Series
  • 10 minutes total - 5-minute warm-up/5-minute cool down

Think Like A Rider is a guided mindfulness meditation that allows you to get in touch with your body and your horse. Download it to play it during your warm-up and cool down.


BONUS 2: Trail Edition - Think Like A Rider Audio Series

Go out on the trail with Tonya!

  • Downloadable Audio Series
  • 10 minutes total

Are you ready to start enjoying rides filled with moments of effortless communication, instead of frustration?

Now, I know what you're thinking - "But Tonya, all of this sounds too good to be true. How much is it going to cost me?"

Well, my friend, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can get all of this for the low, price of just US$599.

That's right, you could pay for a monthly gym membership or a personal trainer, but why bother when you can fix your body and start enjoying rides filled with moments of effortless communication for a fraction of the cost?

I’m finally closer to being the rider I want to be and completely pain free!

“I decided to get back to riding to get fitter, but I was so out of shape. I couldn't move, I couldn't post, I was so unbalanced. I was in I was in so much pain, every ride. I wasn't getting anywhere. I’d be up in the middle of the night and I’d be anxiety ridden.

And I got to a point where I just felt like something had to change.

I’m finally much closer to being the rider that I want to be. Not only am I riding completely pain free, I can walk, trot, canter, jump … all these things that seemed literally impossible.

Brianna Cussano
Doctoral Student, Re-rider

We know you want to be the best rider you can be, and that's why we're offering you a full month to try out our course risk-free. And if you don't have the kind of mutually rewarding conversations that lead you to moments of brilliance, we'll give you your money back faster than a barrel racer at the rodeo.

Simply send us an email at info@movelikearider.com, before the 30-day purchase date, and we’ll happily give you your money back!

You deserve to ride like a pro, and we're here to help you get there. 

Our course includes 8 modules of video guidance, a private Facebook group, and even a Think Like A Rider Audio Series to get your mind in the game. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to the course, so you can brush up on your skills whenever you need to.

And hey, we get it, life can get pretty darn busy. But trust us, investing in Move Like A Rider is worth it.

The videos are short, the exercises don't require any fancy equipment, and you can do them in the comfort of your own home (or even in your barn if you don't mind your horse giving you some funny looks).

So don't wait, partner! Seize the moment and sign up for Move Like A Rider. You'll be riding like a pro in no time, and your horse will thank you for it. Yeehaw!


Is this a one time fee?

Yes, this is a one time fee of $599 for the 8 module course.

Can I keep the course forever?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course.

Is there a guarantee?

If you take this course, do the assessment and exercises, and don't have the kind of mutually rewarding conversations that lead you to moments of brilliance, you deserve your money back.

We know Move Like A Rider will enable you to break through your past mis-communication problems to enjoy effortlessly riding your horse to harmony. Say goodbye to the nightmares, because now you’ll be dreaming of your last ride with a smile. We want you to be convinced that YOU CAN DO THIS, so we’re offering you a full month to try it out risk-free.

Simply send us an email at info@movelikearider.com, before the 30-day purchase date, and we’ll happily give you your money back!