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Welcome to my 7-Part Video Series that will help you build strategic strength to help you Move Like A Rider!

This mini course is a SNEAK PEEK into my upcoming course, Move Like a Rider.

Every equestrian wants to feel stronger, empowered, and make more progress. You are not alone! 

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Motor Patterns

How does your body move when you‘re thinking about something else? 

The connection between your brain and your muscles, and the coordination of muscle movement is called a motor pattern.  Are your motor patterns helping or hindering your riding?

Lesson 2:
Seat Bone Dominance

Lesson 3:
Sitting on a Dynamic Surface

Lesson 4:
Rotation on a Dynamic Surface

Lesson 5:
Poll Connection

Lesson 6:
Lower Abdominal Engagement

Lesson 7:
Putting it all together!